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Role and Responsibilities

Tommy MonkTommy Monk has been a farm and ranch broker for 23 years with experience in all regions of Texas predominately the Gulf Coast, Hill Country, South Texas and Trans Pecos regions.  Mr. Monk has had a working relationship with the Cushman & Wakefield team for 15 years involving farm and ranch transactions.  He has specialized in all aspects of real estate from commercial to farm and ranch along with residential sales. 



Professional Experience

While operating as a real estate broker, Mr. Monk has also been involved in the title company business.  He has been responsible for curative work on estates, intestate issues and many other issues that can delay a land transaction.  Mr. Monk also has consulted as a landman for both clients and oil and gas companies.  He began his career in the property tax field as an appraiser.  He currently acts as a consultant for landowners involving market values and agricultural exemptions.   He especially enjoys setting up wildlife plans for 1D1 tax appraisals.   

Mr. Monk’s past experience has helped his brokerage business by representing his clients from initial first impression, through contract negotiations, current title work, along with meeting with contract surveyors and inspectors, resulting in the final close of the transaction.  He jokes that he knows he has done his job well when clients continue to call him for advice on all aspects of farm and ranch ownership.  Tommy Monk has seen the farm and ranch real estate market go from a producer based market to a recreational user/investor market.  The diversity of buyers has changed dramatically with an influence of foreign buyers and young entrepreneurs. 



Earned his BA in marketing from Southwest Texas 

Post graduate in Real Estate Brokerage and Appraisal 



  1.  Texas Parks and Wildlife 
  1.  President of 300 Member Landowner Wildlife Cooperative involving approximately ____ Acres. 
  1. Texas Big Game Awards Member and Official Scorer. 
  1. Safari Club International Member 
  1. Boone and Crockett Club Member 
  1. Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association 
  1. Texas Land Brokers Network 
  1. South Central Board of Realtors 
  1. Houston & National Association of Realtors 


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